Neil Paul is DJ, producer, and musician, whose lively and versatile sets have earned him a reputation as a force within the Maryland DJ scene. Neil entertains as an open-format DJ and provides various levels of production, including sound, video, and lights. His regular performance venues include The Charles, The Bygone, The Sandlot, The Horse, and Ouzo Beach. Neil has performed at Light City, National Wine and Food Festival, Rock and Soul, and many other special events including charity galas, influencer parties, restaurant openings, and artist releases.


Neil originally made a name for himself by specializing in Deep House, Nu Disco, and Indie Dance, performing mainly at upscale Baltimore establishments and private parties. As his opportunities grew to newer venues, events, and wider audiences, he began implementing more influences in his sets, including Dancehall, Hip Hop, and Rock. On the EDM side, Moombahton, Twerk, and Bass Music have become more prominent features in his sets along with moves toward higher energy House styles. His ability to weave in and out of genres smoothly while keeping diverse crowds engaged have earned him even greater success.


Neil was born and raised in Baltimore, MD to immigrant parents from Moldova, former U.S.S.R.  His passion for music and performance was instilled at an early age. His mother, a classical music enthusiast, sent Neil to Peabody Preparatory Institute for Classical Piano. As he grew up and his tastes evolved, Neil picked up the guitar and learned to play rock and blues. At Cornell University in Ithaca, NY, Neil formed and fronted two rock bands, Red Leather, and Dripping Wheel. While studying at Cornell, Neil first began learning how to produce electronic music. He later attended the Scratch Academy in Philadelphia to learn the art of DJing and begin this journey of his career. He also attended The Garnish School in Brooklyn for music production and recently completed the Hyperbits Masterclass, a boutique program for established electronic music producers.  Neil also earned an M.B.A. from the University of Maryland.


Neil is currently a resident artist at Creative Labs and HeidnSeek Talent, where he is working on original music and collaborations with many talented artists.


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